The list below is not mutually exclusive but identifies some of the most common types of meditation offered:

Guided Meditation
Provides a simple step-by-step narration which guides participants through an experience often to increase the ability to accept, release, and/or manifest desires.  

Uses the ability to focus is on the 5 senses (e.g., see, smell, touch, taste, & hear) and/or the breath as a centering component to bring awareness back to the present moment.

Mantra Meditations

A sentence or phrases repeated and used as a centering thought to bring awareness within to finding your true self, manifest desires, and reduce stress.   

Loving-Kindnesss Meditation

  • The intention or self-affirmation meditation is not only to reduce stress but also to increase self-esteem and instill confidence.

​Primordial Sound Meditation (PSM)  

  • Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon created the The Chopra Center and along with modern science introduced the West to a Vedic Indian meditation tradition over 5,000 years old. 
  • Ancient Indian intellects (aka Vedic Sages) wrote the oldest scared Indian scripts which recognized that the sounds of the universe varied at different lunar stages.  Hence, they used the moon as reference to record these sounds.
  • Specifically, Vedic mathematics uses your location, time of birth, and the position of the moon to figure out what primordial sound was occurring.
  • From this calculation, a personalized mantra is identified. This personalized mantra in meditation is considered a vehicle which brings your awareness into an internal silence where it is thought that your True Self resides.
  • Your personalized Primordial Sound Mantra then acts as a vehicle that moves you into internal silence and personal awakening. 


Primordial Sound Meditation (PSM) has truly been a very positive life changer for me. The guidance and tools Dr. Heidi provides can bring calm and positive focus to your life IF you are committed to putting the tools to use every day. There are no quick fixes to stresses in life, but if you have the discipline to put just 10 minutes a day aside for your mental and physical well-being, you will see positive changes start to manifest in your life. It has to become a way of life just like taking your daily vitamin or drinking your cup of coffee every morning. The investment is so small for such a great reward. Dr Heidi’s class is a perfect gift for yourself; and everyone in your life who will notice a positive change in you!



Licensed Psychologist,
Meditation Teacher,
& Yoga Teacher